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Download instrumentation by A.MORRIS E -book

'Measurement and Instrumentation Principles' is the latest edition of a successful book that introduces undergraduate students to the measurement principles and the range of sensors and instruments that are used for measuring physical variables. Completely updated to include new technologies such as smart sensors, displays and interfaces, the 3rd edition also contains plenty of worked examples and self-assessment questions (and solutions). In addition, a new chapter on safety issues focuses on the legal framework, electrical safety and failsafe designs, and the author has also concentrated on RF and optical wireless communications. Fully up-to-date and comprehensively written, this textbook is essential for all engineering undergraduates, especially those in the first two years of their course.

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Download management science Power point presentations.

Download MS power point presentations from Tech zone Which will help you to understand the concepts easily there by scoring very good marks.Wish you all the best.

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Download Electrical Technology Vol-2(Ac and DC machines) by B.L.Thereja E- book

Main features of multicolour illustrated edition: This unique modern textbook presents the material in an integrated manner and logical sequence for:
1. B.E., B.Tech and all the graduation courses in Engineering in India and Abroad.
2. Sec. A & B of A.M.I.E. (India)
3. Grad. I.E.T.E. (India)
4. I.E.E. (London)
5. City & Guilds (London)
6. I.E.R.E. (London)
7. Diploma courses (Polytechnic) of all over India and Abroad.

Solved examples from various engineering examinations. A new chapter entitled 'Special Machines' has been added.Special attention has been given to the chapters dealing with motors.Additions are made to the other chapters also. All Objective Tests have been recast and extended where required.This revised and enlarged multicolour edition of Vol. II, entitled "AC and DC Machines" is becoming popular day by day among the students. Its objective is to provide a comprehensive coverage in a clear and well multicolour illustrated format. Lots of latest numerical examples have been added.

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Download Electrical Technology Vol-1 by B.L.Thereja E- book

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Download power electronics e-Book by Dennis Fewson

Building on solid state device and electromagnetic contributions to the series, this text book introduces modern power electronics, that is the application of semiconductor devices to the control and conversion of electrical power. The increased availability of solid state power switches has created a very rapid expansion in applications, from the relatively low power control of domestic equipment, to high power control of industrial processes and very high power control along transmission lines.
This text provides a comprehensive introduction to the entire range of devices and examines their applications, assuming only the minimum mathematical and electronic background. It covers a full year's course in power electronics. Numerous exercises, worked examples and self assessments are included to facilitate self study and distance learning.

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Download Electrical Power Engg Hand Book from IEEE press

Comprising over 100 chapters developed by more than 120 contributors, The Electric Power Engineering Handbook is the most complete reference available for professionals. The topics encompass the classic areas, such as electric power generation, transformers, power transmission and distribution, as well as newer areas, including power electronics, non-conventional power generation, and power quality. It is sure to become a staple for electrical and mechanical engineers and students working in electric power engineering.
       A comprehensive reference for electrical power engineers, written by electric power engineers. Covers topics ranging from the classical to the most new and radical, this reference touches on each of the core topics in the field. DLC: Electric power production.

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Download Power palnt Engineering E-book.

This text-cum-reference book has been written to meet the manifold requirement and achievement of the students and researchers. The objective of this book is to discuss, analyses and design the various power plant systems serving the society at present and will serve in coming decades India in particular and the world in general. The issues related to energy with stress and environment up to some extent and finally find ways to implement the outcome.

Salient Features

Utilization of non-conventional energy resources

Includes green house effect

Gives latest information`s in Power Plant Engineering
Include large number of problems of both Indian and foreign universitie
Rich contents, lucid manner.

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Download Electrical Machines By Fitzergald E-Book

The exciting new sixth edition of Electric Machinery has been extensively updated while retaining the emphasis on fundamental principles and physical understanding that has been the outstanding feature of this classic book. This book covers fundamental concepts in detail as well as advanced topics for readers who wish to cover the material in more depth.

                 The popular interactive computer software MATLAB has been introduced in the new edition in both examples and practice problems. In addition, chapter problems have been added which specifically require the use of MATLAB. An icon has been placed in the margin to indicate those places where MATLAB is used.

                 This Book provides a comprehensive knowledge over concepts of synchronous machines and alternating current machines.

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Download Computer System Organisation E-Book

This is the first book in the two-volume set offering comprehensive coverage of the field of computer organization and architecture. This book provides complete coverage of the subjects pertaining to introductory courses in computer organization and architecture, including:

* Instruction set architecture and design

* Assembly language programming

* Computer arithmetic

* Processing unit design

* Memory system design

* Input-output design and organization

* Pipelining design techniques

* Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISCs)

The authors, who share over 15 years of undergraduate and graduate level instruction in computer architecture, provide real world applications, examples of machines, case studies and practical experiences in each chapter.
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Download Engineering Electromagentics Text Book

Engineering Electromagnetics" is a "classic" in Electrical Engineering textbook publishing. First published in
1958, it quickly became a standard and has been a best-selling book for over 4 decades. A new co-author from Georgia Tech has come aboard for the sixth edition to help update the book. Designed for introductory courses in electromagnetics or electromagnetic field theory at the junior-level, and offered in departments of electrical engineering, the text is a widely respected, updated version that stresses fundamentals and problem solving and discusses the material in an understandable, readable way. As in the previous editions, the book retains the scope and emphasis that have made the book very successful while updating all the problems.

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Download Basic Electrical Engg Text Book From IIT Kharagpur

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Download Electric Power Engg HandBook

Part of the second edition of The Electric Power Engineering Handbook, Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution offers focused and detailed coverage of all aspects concerning the conventional and nonconventional methods of power generation, transmission and distribution systems, electric power utilization, and power quality.
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Download Electrical Engg, Know it all Text Book

The Electrical Engineering know it all covers the essential areas of electrical engineering, it is more practical than most of the large EE "handbooks," offering tips, tools of the trade, design and applications information along with summarized theory, equations and formulas that are normally found in such books.
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Download Environmental Science text Book


This textbook provides the basic information about the Environmental Engineering and as such, very much useful for the first year B. Tech. students of all branches/disciplines. The book covers the new syllabus of the semester scheme for the first year in R.T.U. and other universities. It encompasses the practical applications of the subject, that is the real need of the hour and also discusses the major environmental problems we face today.

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Download HVAC fundamentals Text Book

Comprehensive in scope, this second edition of a bestseller discusses how HVAC systems operate, as well as how to select the right system and system components to achieve optimum performance and efficiency for a particular application. The author delineates specific ways in which each system, subsystem or component contributes to the indoor environment, as well as what factors have an impact on energy conservation, indoor air quality, and cost. He examines compressors, water chillers, fans and fan drives, air distribution and variable air volume, pumps and water distribution, controls and their components, heat recovery, and energy conservation strategies.

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Download Control Systems Text Book from WikiBooks

Control Systems is an inter-disciplinary engineering text that analyzes the effects and interactions of mathematical systems. This book is for third and fourth year undergraduates in an engineering program.
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