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Download Intro to Fuzzy logic by Sivanandam and Sumathi E-book

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Download Nueral Networks,Applications,Algorithms and Programming by J.A.Freeman e-book

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Download Fuzzy Nueral Network theory and Applications E-book

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Download Fuzzy logic applications in Engineering by Timothy.J.Ross E-Book

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Download Power System Analysis and Design E-book

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Download Modern Power electronics and AC Drives by Bimal.K.Bose e-book

A clear understanding of power electronics and AC drives is crucially important in a wide range of modern systems, from household appliances to automated factories—and it requires cross-disciplinary expertise that many engineers lack. Now, in Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives, one of the world's leading experts covers every aspect of the topic, including crucial innovations such as artificial intelligence, advanced estimation, and sensorless control. This book is not only important as an advanced reference but also covers the material for one senior-level and two graduate-level courses. Dr. Bimal K. Bose discusses these key points and many more.

 Today's technology innovations make it possible to deliver higher performance, lower cost power electronics and drives for a wide range of industrial, commercial, military, utility, and residential applications. Furthermore, it can help more efficient use of electricity and thus contribute to environmental protection. If you're a practicing engineer, Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives can help you achieve these results, regardless of your previous experience.

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Download Electrical Distribution system hand book by T.A.Short (IEEE Press) E-book

  Generation, transmission, distribution. Of the "big three" components of the electricity infrastructure, distribution typically gets the least attention. Yet, its impact on reliability, quality of service, and society often make distribution the most critical element. Today, deregulation and the emergence of distributed power generation mean it is now more important than ever for utility engineers to have fast access to better information.The Electric Power Distribution Handbook provides that information on the electrical aspects of power distribution systems. It begins with an in-depth look at equipment, applications, and tasks such as choosing transformer connections and sizing and placing capacitors.
The focus then shifts to reliability and power quality, reflecting the strong dependence of the reliability of service on distribution systems performance. The author then tackles lightning protection, grounding, and safety, and concludes with a chapter that will help utilities avoid the problems inherent in the introduction of distributed generation.

              This book is also a comprehensive source for the hard-to-find tables, graphs, methods, and statistics that distribution system engineers need. It includes tips and solutions for solving problems and improving performance, all aimed at delivering the best quality while keeping costs down. In short, the Electric Power Distribution Handbook gives readers the tools they need to understand the science and practices of distribution systems.

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Download A first course on Power Electronics and Drives by N.Mohan e-book

Designed with undergraduate students in mind who are likely to take only one course on this subject:-Prepare them for industry 
-Impart fundamentals and provide a roadmap for life-long learning 
-Provide breadth and depth in less than 250 pages 
-Based on feedback from over 350 faculty members at workshops in 1991, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2002 and 2003.

Comparison with other Textbooks on this subject:
- Only 248 pages allow coverage from front-to-back in one semester 
- Prepared (ready-to-run) Examples on the CD can be easily modified for assigning realistic homework problems 
- Prepared Lectures Slides save instructors valuable preparation time 
- Actual Hardware Lab measured waveforms make it real (next best to having lab setups in your school) 
- Total Experience – What is Power without Control?

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Download Power Electronics and Variable frequency drives by Bimal.K.Bose E -Book

Bimal K. Bose, "Power Electronics and Variable Frequency Drives: Technology and Applications"
Publisher: W i l e y-IEEE Press | 1996 | ISBN: 0780310845 | PDF | 660 pages 
This original contributed volume combines the individual expertise of eleven world-renowned professionals to provide comprehensive, authoritative coverage of state-of-the-art power electronics and AC drive technology. Featuring an extensive introductory chapter by power-electronics expert Bimal K. Bose and more than 400 figures, POWER ELECTRONICS AND VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES covers each of the field's component disciplines and drives--all in one complete resource. Broad in scope and unique in its presentation, this volume belongs on the bookshelf of every industry engineer, professor, graduate student, and researcher involved in this fast-growing multidisciplinary field. It is an essential for teaching, research, development, and design. 

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Download Electrical Distribution system Engineering by Tarun Gonen E-book

  • Hardcover: 752 pages
  • Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill College (July 1, 1985)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0070237077
  • ISBN-13: 978-0070237070

This is one of the first power systems textbooks to concentrate on modern electrical power distribution engineering. The book contains nearly 100 detailed numerical examples and about 125 problems, giving students ample exposure to and practice in solving and design of distribution systems.

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Download Electrical Distribution systems by A.A.Sallam and O.P.Malik E book

This book provides a comprehensive treatment of electric distribution systems. Few books cover specific topics in more depth and there is hardly any book that deals with the key topics of interest to distribution system engineers. The book introduces these topics from two points of view:
1) The practical point of view by providing practical examples and the problems which can be solved.
2) The academic point of view where the analysis and various techniques used for distribution system planning are explained.
The most outstanding feature of this book is a combination of practical and academic explanation of its contents. Another outstanding feature is a collection of the traditional and current topics of distribution systems condensed into one book.

Electric Distribution Systems provides a unique, integrated two-prong approach that enables readers to design, install, and manage effective and efficient electric distribution systems. It combines both practical and academic perspectives so that readers can fully grasp underlying theory and concepts, and then apply their newfound knowledge and skills to problem solving. Throughout the text, the authors explain the analytical tools and techniques needed to design and operate electric distribution systems. They then support these explanations with real-world examples as well as hundreds of clear illustrations and photos.

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Download Electrical Distribution systems by Colin Bayliss E-Book

Published by Newnes | Publication date : April 1999 | ISBN : 0750640596 | PDF | 1003 pages

This comprehensive treatment of the theory and practice encountered in the installation and design of transmission and distribution systems for electrical power has been updated and revised to provide the project engineer with all the latest, relevant information to design and specify the correct system for a particular application.

The author's wide-ranging experience and expertise in managing numerous international projects will enable the reader to understand the reasoning and implications behind the different specifications and methods used by supply utilities around the world, and thence to meet their various transmission and distribution requirements.

* Thoroughly updated and revised to include latest developments
* Learn from and Author with extensive experience in managing international projects
* Find out the reasoning and implicatons behind the different specifications and methods.

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Download Electrical Distribution systems by A.J.Pansini E book

A training and reference book for electrical utility companies covering utilities power reaching the consumers. Coverage includes all tools, equipment, facilities, between power utility to the consumer, applications, installation and maintenance. Theory of electricity and power covered in layman's terms, where applicable.

       Widely Covers all branches of distribution systems and a must for electrical engineers dealing with basic distribution level systems.

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Download Power System Analysis by Hadi Sadat E-book

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Download Power System Analysis by J.C. Das E-book

By: J.C. Das
ISBN-10: 0824707370    ISBN-13: 9780824707378
Publisher: CRC - 2002-04-17
Hardcover | 1st Edition

Editorial Review:

Featuring extensive calculations and examples, this reference discusses theoretical and practical aspects of short-circuit currents in ac and dc systems, load flow, and harmonic analyses to provide a sound knowledge base for modern computer-based studies that can be utilized in real-world applications. Presenting more than 2300 figures, tables, and equations, the author explores matrix methods for network solutions and includes load flow and optimization techniques. He discusses ac and dc short-circuit systems calculations in accordance with standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) .

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Download Power system Analysis by JJ.Gringer and W.D.Stevenson E-Book

ISBN13: 9780070612938
ISBN10: 0070612935
Division: Higher Education
Pub Date: JAN-94,
Publish Status: In Print
Pages: 784

 Based on William Stevenson's classic, Elements of Power System Analysis, this new senior/graduate text offers a completely modern update of this popular textbook. Covering such topics as power flow, power-system stability and transmission lines, the book teaches the fundamental topics of power system analysis accompanied by logical discussions and numerous examples.

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Download Power System Analysis by PSR Murthy E-book

Power system analysis is a pre-requisite course for electrical engineering students. This book introduces concepts of a power system, network model faults and analysis and the primitive network stability. It also deals with graph theory relevant to various incidence matrices, building of network matrices and power flow studies.

It further discusses with short circuit analysis, unbalanced fault analysis and power system stability problems, such as, steady state stability, transient stability and dynamic stability. Salient Features: Number of worked examples are followed after explaining theory part. Solved examples and questions are provided at the end of each chapter. Objective type questions and answers are given at the end of the book.

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