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Download Digital Control Systems Text Book By K.Ogata

One of the best books written on digital control, by an authority in the field of controls. I found this book simple to understand even with no experience in digital control. Each chapter has lots of worked examples and practice problems, enough to get you comfortable with the chapter concepts.

The book is written in a very clear and readable way. All topics explanations and examples are simple to understand.

A comprehensive treatment of the analysis and design of discrete-time control systems which provides a gradual development of the theory by emphasizing basic concepts and avoiding highly mathematical arguments. The book features comprehensive treatment of pole placement, state observer design, and quadratic optimal control.

I love this book, and together with Katsuhiko Ogata's Modern Control Systems Engineering, makes an excellent reference for control systems study at undergraduate level.

for a free download of this book, Click here

-Team TZ


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